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The AE senior thesis project was a challenging experience that allowed me to apply the knowledge and concepts gained during the first four years of the AE program. The challenging part of the course was the time commitment. As students from previous years have indicated, it certainly took more time than a four credit course would normally consume. Although it was a valuable learning experience and there is an inherent sense of pride in completing such a large project, I believe that the same learning objectives could have been achieved in a more efficient manner.

The CPEP site was one of the most enjoyable portions of the senior thesis project. I had been interested in web design for some time, but until CPEP, I had not had a project that allowed me to explore that interest. Rather than using the graphical design tools of website creation software to create my site, I decided to learn html and css. Coding my CPEP website from scratch allowed me to understand the basics of web design. It was a time consuming process but a great learning opportunity for a subject that I was interested in.