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The Thesis Proposal outlines the work that will be completed for the spring 2012 semester. It describes the work to be completed in the lighting depth, electrical depth, mechanical breadth, and architectural/media breadth. A schedule is also included for a more detailed view of the spring work.

Lighting Depth

The lighting for four spaces in the VECC/Plant will be redesigned. These spaces are the Multi-Use, South Terrace, Woodshop and Lobby/Retail. Lighting calculations will be performed and documented and renderings of the spaces will be produced.

Electrical Depth

The electrical depth consists of: redesigning portions of the electrical system that were changed as a result of lighting changes, a short circuit analysis and two depth topics. These electrical depths will be a study of a rooftop photovoltaic system and a study of cogeneration feasibility.

Structural Breadth

The structural portion of the project will involve analyzing the structural changes necessary to accommodate a PV array on the roof of the VECC. The existing one-way structural system will be resized to support the additional loads. The cost of the proposed system will be compared against the cost of the existing system to help determine the feasibility of the PV array.

Architectural/Media Breadth

This breadth involves redesigning a portion of the area on the basement floor to include a learning environment specifically created with children and families in mind. A sample interactive media exercise will be created as an example of how the space could be used. The space characteristics will be described via computer modeling and architectural drafting. A video of a sample activity or showpiece will be created using openFrameworks.