Technical Reports

Technical Report One is a comprehensive report detailing the existing conditions under which the VIDA Fitness Center addition and renovation was constructed in Washington D.C.  This report analyzes both the restrictions and the parameters that affected the design and construction processes on the project and expounds upon both the building and the project history. This report includes a project summary schedule, detailed building system descriptions, project cost evaluation, existing conditions summary, site plans, local conditions summary, client information, project delivery system, and the project staffing plan.

Technical Report I

Technical Report Two is an extensive report that further examines the key facets of the VIDA Fitness project affecting the project execution and completion. This report includes a detailed project schedule and analysis, a detailed structural system estimate, a general conditions breakdown and estimate, a sustainability evaluation and LEED scorecard, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) execution evaluation.

Technical Report II

Technical Report Three focuses on identifying potential research topics to later be evaluated and presented in the thesis proposal. Included in these discussions were the top three constructability challenges that surfaced on the project. Several proposed value engineering topics are outlined along with why each was or was not considered for the project. A summary of the 2011 PACE Roundtable breakout sessions focused on critical industry issues follows these thoughts and introduces new potential research ideas for the future thesis proposal.

Technical Report III