Course Reflection

The Senior Thesis Capstone project helped to facilitate the research and analysis of the Fort Pickett Regional Training Institute located in Blackstone, VA. The fall semester consisted of conducting research and documenting information associated with the current state of the construction project. This information was then conveyed and organized through Technical Reports found within this website. The completion of these Technical Reports led to a Final Proposal for areas of study that were found to be areas of concern in regards to the current state of the project, particulary schedule management and acceleration. These analyses were peformed using the guidance of faculty, industry professionals, and various other sources during the course of the spring semester. Ultimately, the four analyses were organized into a Final Report that is intended to serve as a benchmark for the construction industry. The Senior Thesis Capstone Project proved to be the most challenging academic endeavor of my educational career, as well as one of the most rewarding experiences.


CPEP Reflection

The Capstone E-Portfolio serves as an effective tool for displayng the work associated with the Architectural Engineering Program's Senior Thesis Project. The CPEP helps to translate the work dedicated to the Fort Pickett Regional Training Institute project, as well as serve as a reference for future students, faculty, and industry professionals.

















ABET Assessment

The following chart represents a personal assessment of the course, not the instructor's assessment: