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  Lighting Depth

The lighting design for Corbin Building will reinforce the client's vision of renovating and
integrating the design of the transit center while preserving its historic character. The design of the
lighting system will focus on four spaces:

1. Exterior Facade- An Outdoor Space
2. Retail Space- A Special Purpose Space
3. Subway Lobby- A Circulation Space
4. Open Office - A Large Work Space

Based on the comments received from a board of lighting professionals at Lutron presentations,
the proposed schematic lighting design concepts presented for technical assignment three. The designs will be input into AutoCAD, AGI32 and 3dStudioMax to analyze the desired lighting design

  Electrical Depth
  The electrical depth will include a new branch circuit distribution for the spaces listed above.
There will also be a short circuit analyst conducted. The two depth topics will investigate bus ducts vs.
conduit and wire and also a full system study using SKM software.
  MAE Study- Daylighting
  The south facade is covered mostly with windows. The Corbin Building is surrounded by forty-
five and fifty story buildings creating many shadows on the building but should still allow enough
diffused sunlight into the space. The building consists of the same office floor plan for eight stories. An
exploratory analysis will be conducted to see the difference of daylight penetration on the third floor
and on the eighth floor to see if the height makes a difference in the amount of sunlight entering the
spaces. The criteria being compared will be average illuminance over a year and daylight autonomy. This will be calculated using daysim or another daylighting simulation program.
  Breadth 1- Architectural
  The architectural breath will focus on designing the first retail space on the street level. The
retail space is to be fit out by the tenant which is not currently leased. The architecture will be custom
designed to fit a upscale boutique clothing store. It will be a very clean high end feeling. The final
product will be a functional store that captures the essence of the luxurious merchandise being sold. The deliverables for this breadth will be shown as rendered drawings and also presentation graphics. The renders will show the integration of the architecture, lighting and mechanical into the space.
  Breadth 2- Mechanical
  The mechanical breath will focus on redesigning the mechanical system in the retail space to
complement the architectural breadth and lighting depth. The system will be fed from the existing
mechanical equipment and must provide enough heating, cooling and ventilation for the retail space.
Locations of the diffuser will be integrated into the architectural design and the lighting design.


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