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AE 481W/482 Course Reflection:

I felt that the AE senior thesis project was an extremely valuable experience. It creates an environment in which the student is in charge of their studies, which replicates an actual industry job much more closely than typical course work. It also enabled me to explore topics that had not been addressed in detail in any class, but I was interested in. I largely learned this material on my own, which also replicates the condition at an industry job much more closely than typical course work.

CPEP Reflection:

I feel that the CPEP format is an extremely helpful format to submit work for the senior thesis project. However, I feel it is slightly underutilized, as several assignments are still required as paper submittals particularly for large assignments that are not required for ABET (such as the Technical Reports that can be extremely costly for the students). Also, the website is easy to create and maintain through the use of software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. It also has the added benefit of being able to directly share your work with industry professionals as well as friends and family.