Will Lesieutre portrait

Will Lesieutre is a 5th year student in The Pennsylvania State University's Architectural Engineering department, enrolled in the integrated B.A.E / M.A.E. program. He will graduate in May 2012, with a specialization in lighting design. He is a member of PSU's student chapter of The Illumination Engineering Society, and has completed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Computers and technology have been one of Will's central interests for most of his life, and in addition to extensive experience with 3D rendering, he is also independently studying interactive lighting visualizations in realtime 3D engines. He is experienced with the use of 3ds Max, AGI32, and AutoCAD, as well as several smaller modeling and design packages. In addition, he is proficient with programming in both MATLAB and Python.

In the summer of 2010, Will studied abroad in Rome, including courses in architectural design, historical structural analysis, and Roman history and architecture. In 2011, he spent his summer in Chicago, as a lighting design intern with Schuler Shook Inc., giving him hands experience in the lighting design industry. At Schuler Shook, he participated in lighting design studios, worked on light level calculations, and contributed to a variety of other tasks.

He's involved in a number of extracurricular groups on campus, and has taken leadership roles in both the Penn State Photography Club and the Penn State Urban Gaming Club. His other hobbies include photography, piano, and game design.