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4.30.13 This CPEP was finalized to include all the required pages and information and is ready to view.

4.30.13 Uploaded final versions the presentation in both Powerpoint and PDF formats to the Presentation Page.

4.22.13 Created a Reflection page that includes a reflection of AE481W/AE482, the CPEP websites, and and ABET Assessment.

4.22.13 Modified the Final Report page to include an updated final report and a link directly to the executive summary.

2.1.2013 Updated the Thesis Proposal to incorporate a more detailed schedule.

1.18.2013 Updated various pages to fix small errors. Also, fixed the links on the Building Statistics Page.

1.15.2013 The Buildind Statistics Page was updated to include Building Statistics Part 2 and some modifications to Building Statistics Part 1.

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The file above is the original thesis project proposal.

Depth Study - Hybrid Ventilation System with Grey Water Reuse

The selected depth study will look into the integration of a hybrid ventilation system. This system will be unique in the way it will use collected grey water stored below grade with a water feature in the building's courtyard. The study will test the possibility of a hybrid system as well as the water features effectivness as an air cleaner and its ability to condition outdoor air.

Breadth Study - Electrical System Redesign and Recalibration

The first breadth study will be a recalculation and recalibration of the buildings electrical systems. The proposed mechanical syestem changes should lower energy consumption and could allow for the resizing of several key electrical pieces. However, the hybrid system will also add new electrical loads for some new equipment. The goal of the sudt is to find the optimum middle ground created by the proposed changes.

Breadth Study - Constructability and Construction Cost Estimate

THe second breadth study will analyze the construction methods needed for the hybrid ventilation systems. The proposed system will require several additional pieces of equipment and some changes to wall constructions. The effects of these changes to the construction schedule as well as estimated cost will be analyzed to find if the proposed system is financially plausable.

The file above is the revised thesis project proposal. Revisions were made based on faculty comments and peer review.

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