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AE 481W/482 Course Reflection:

One of the greatest strengths of the AE Senior Thesis is that it allows the student to perform self-paced learning in order to produce a design. The idea of researching and implementing a design based on the research has helped me cultivate the skills of life-long learning. I had the opportunity to look back at the classes I took in my previous years and was able to implement the learning to a real project. Also, I was able to learn and apply new advanced design strategies beyond the classroom learning. The combination and depth and breath reinforce the idea of Architectural Engineering that was introduced to us at the beginning of the career at Penn State AE.

CPEP Reflection:

Penn State AE not only promises the knowledge of science and engineering, but also the skills of presenting ourselves in the society. One of the ways this idea is implemented is using the CPEP Website. I never had the knowledge of designing a website, but the use of CPEP Website motivated me in learning these essential self-marking skills on the Internet.

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