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Punit has completed his 5-year Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree at Penn State University. He has specialized in Structural Engineering and also completed a minor in Architectural Studies. During his years at Penn State he was part of many professional organizations like the Architectural Engineering Institute (Student Society of Architectural Engineers), Structural Engineering Association (SEA) and Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI).

His past summer experiences has helped him gain significant professional experience. During summer of 2012 he interned at Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA) and in 2011 he interned at Shanghvi Associates and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. In both the experiences he gained valuable knowledge in designing structures and coordinating drawings with the architect. Overall it helped him learn that integration between architects and engineers is very important for a successful project, which also reflects in the aesthetics and structure of any building. He aspires to work in a firm that reinforces the harmony of structure and architecture.











Apart from internships he spent a summer studying architecture and medieval structures of Italy in the study abroad program in Rome. The eccentric buttresses and decorated columns of Roman churches and cathedrals have also led him to the insight of the aesthetics of structural engineering. This study abroad program has gained him a minor in Architecture studies.

Another important class he was a part of the was the Building Information Modeling where he played the part of a structural engineer in a team of architects and engineers that designed the expansion of Intramural building at Penn State. This experience helped him gain a first-hand experience of the dialogue that goes on among the professionals in the building construction industry. Besides structures and architecture, Punit enjoys travelling, photography, cooking and playing tennis. In cooking his specialty cuisine is different kinds of Indian food and butter chicken is his favorite recipe.

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