Ricky's Biography

Xiao Ye Zheng, better known as Ricky, is a fifth year senior in the Architectural Engineering Program at Penn State. In May 2013, he will graduate with his M.A.E/B.A.E with a focus on structural design. Upon graduation, he will receive EIT certification. Ricky is involved in many club activities every year at Penn State. He showed his leadership from being the president of Fujianese International Friendship Association, 4th year, and being a committee member at University Park Allocation Committee, 2nd year. Ricky hasn’t had the chance to work in a structural related internship yet. But, he would love to use his knowledge that he is acquiring at Penn State to work for a firm and that will help him gain real life experience in the structural industry. For the past two summers, Ricky has worked at Sanderson LLC, a property management firm where he learned business aspects in the building industry. Ricky also has hands on experience working in small interior renovation projects. A little bit more about Ricky’s personal life: he came to the United States when he was four and got his U.S. citizenship at ten. He lived in Old Forge, PA for the past twelve years, and he really enjoyed the little town. But now, he would like to travel around the country and to see all the great cities in America. When Ricky has time, he would play basketball, go ice skating, watch movies, and listen to music.

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Cell Number || (917) 815-2869

e-mail || rickyzheng11@gmail.com

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