Lighting Depth

The lighting depth will include four spaces within the casino: the outdoor plaza, pre-function space, poker room, and player’s lounge. The schematic design for each of these spaces will be finalized during the spring semester. These designs will meet the design criteria and considerations developed in both Technical Report 1 and Technical Report 3. 

Electrical Depth

The electrical depth will include changes to the current distribution system that reflect the new lighting design for each of the four spaces. A solar array is also proposed for the roof of the casino. A cost analysis of modifying the distribution system and adding the array will be completed.

Structural Breadth

The proposed solar array will be added to the roof of the casino. It is necessary to evaluate the structure of the roof and columns that will be supporting the additional load. Impact on wind load and snow load will also be evaluated. This analysis will determine if new structural members are needed and will be a breadth for spring semester.

Construction Breadth

An in-depth study will be completed to detail the cost and schedule impacts of adding the proposed solar array. Assembly estimates and supplier quotes will be obtained for the array. Impacts on schedule, critical path, and cost will be evaluated. Comparative case studies will also be researched to report on the impacts this change in construction will cause.

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