The Building

Occupancy type: A2 Assembly, B, S1
Type of construction: Type 1B sprinklered, Noncombustible, Protected
Size: 309,450 sq. ft.
Levels above grade/Total levels: 3/3
This multi-level casino houses gaming, dining, bars, a multi-function space, a World Series of Poker Room, and even private gaming.


Casino Gold is located in an undisclosed location. The building sits in an urban, industrial area.

The Team

Executive Architect: ka
Design/Interiors Architect: Friedmutter Group
Construction Manager: Whiting-Turner
Structural Engineer: Carroll Engineering, Inc.
MEPT Engineer: JBA Consulting Engineers
Lighting Design: The Lighting Practice

Construction and Cost

Approximate cost: $400 million
Approximate dates of construction: June 2013 – September 2014
Project delivery method: Design-Bid-Build


Major national codes: International Building Code – 2009
                                  ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010
                                  International Mechanical Code – 2009
                                  National Electric Code – 2009
                                  International Plumbing Code – 2009
Zoning: Not available at this time
Historical requirements: None

Building Enclosure

The building façade is a mostly prefabricated architectural concrete on top of a vapor barrier, and metal studs, with batt insulation. The main entranceways of the casino have glass curtain wall systems with metal framing.
The majority of the roofing for the casino is type RFA1, with the construction:
            Single ply TPO roof membrane
            R-25 minimum rigid insulation
            Sheathing board
            1 ½” Metal Decking on steel structure
The next largest area of roofing is type RFA2, with the construction:
            Single ply TPO roof membrane
            Protection Board
            R-25 Minimum rigid insulation
            Vapor Retarder
            3 ¼” Concrete
            3” Metal decking on steel structure


This project is using Lorax Partnerships, LLC as the LEED consultant.    

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