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AE 481W/482
The Senior Thesis Capstone project represented a culmination of my learning experiences in the AE program and summer internships. Given the opportunity to become more acquainted with my thesis building, not only did I examine and evaluate existing systems, but also to create unique lighting and alternative system designs. Through thorough research and analysis, I was able to explore different breadth topics that broadened my knowledge outside my specialization. Many efforts were put forth towards the completion of this Senior Thesis Capstone Project, which were a true reflection of my values and interests. It has been a rewarding experience and accomplishment in my final year of Architectural Engineering.

Capstone e-Portfolio (CPEP)
The CPEP was an effective tool used to organize and document my progress for the Senior Thesis Capstone Project. With access to my custom-made website, family, friends, future students and employers are able to view my yearlong work. Additionally, having the opportunity to reference past thesis projects provided a visual insight of what was expected from students in this course. 

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User Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work‐in‐progress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are solely the interpretation of Laura Ashley Alferes. Changes and discrepancies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design.
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