lighting & electrical design
  • Spring Semester

  • Spring Milestones

    Milestone 1: Completed on January 31, 2014, this milestone represents the completion of the 3D Revit model for Prince Frederick Hall. This model will be used for lighting design developement renderings, daylighting calculations, and exterior architectural renderings. The model is shown here as a collection of exterior renderings.

    Milestone 2: Completed on February 21, 2014. This is the completed lighting design for four spaces within Prince Frederick Hall: the entry plaza, lobby, seminar room, and dormitory suite. Warning: very large document!

    Milestone 3: Electrical systems studies completed on March 14, 2014. Summary of studies is included in the following PDF.

    Milestone 4: Mechanical and architectural breadth studies completed on March 28, 2014.

  • Progress Photostream

    Progress of work on architectual and lighting design available in the following Flickr gallery in the form of rendered images. These images are intended to show progess of both the 3D Revit model and lighting design development, they do not represent final designs. Gallery last updated on 2 May, 2014.

  • Technical Assignments

  • Lighting Assignments

    Tech Report 1, Part 1: This lighting proposal memo is intended to indicate which four spaces will be studied in further detail. Each space is described by physical attributes and how it is used. Drawings, space dimensions, materials, and a list of activities and visual tasks are included in the descriptions.

    Tech Report 1, Part 2: This report focuses on the existing conditions of each space and develops design criteria for future use. Existing systems are described by: luminaires, equipment, control devices, and daylight elements. Space properties such as geometry and surface reflectances are also compiled for this report. Criteria are also listed, accompanied by descriptions of how they relate to each space. Finally, an evaluation of the existing lighting design is provided, in relation to the criteria developed for this report.

    Tech Report 3, Version 1: After compiling the previous two lighting reports, this information was used to develop a schematic lighting design. This was delivered as a presentation to AE faculty. The presentation used criteria developed during tech report 1, part 2 to create schematic designs for each of the four spaces. Sketches of the spaces, renderings, and research images are all used to communicate the design concepts.

    Tech Report 3, Version 2: The designs from tech report 3, version 1 were then revised based on AE faculty comments. This final presentation was delivered to a panel of lighting design professionals at Lutron's corporate headquarters in Coopersburg, PA. The purpose of this presentation was to provide feedback on individual schematic designs from experienced design professionals.

  • Electrical Assignments

    Tech Report 2: This report includes a narrative describing the scope of the electrical requirements and systems in Prince Frederick Hall. It is performed in three distinct parts: evaluation criteria, existing system description, and evaluation of the existing system. Additionally this report also includes a single-line diagram that describes the full extent of the existing electrical distribution system.