8621 Georgia Avenue


Silver Spring, Maryland



Nick Dastalfo

Structural Option

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Boothby

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Final Report:


The following report contains the analysis and design of the structural system for 8621 Georgia Avenue. A structural overview of the initially designed building is included at the beginning before introducing the design scenario. The primary structural redesign was completed with a composite steel system. The foundation system was also redesigned in order to optimize the design. The lateral system was also redesign and analyzed to verify the structural integrity of the building.


Two breadth studies were performed along with the structural breadth. The first breadth was a ventilation system for the below grade parking garage. The second breadth study included a cost analysis of the entire project in order to determine the feasibility of a steel system.


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Full Final Report

Executive Summary

The Final Powerpoint used to present this thesis project on 8621 Georgia Avenue is posted below as a powerpoint file and as a PDF.

The final thesis presentation was presented to the AE structural faculty on Monday April 13, 2015. An updated version of the powerpoint presentation was presented to a jury of industry practitioners, as well as the AE faculty on Friday May 1, 2015.


Powerpoint File


PDF File