8621 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, Maryland




Nick Dastalfo

Structural Option

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Boothby

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Student Bio:

Nick Dastalfo is currently in his 5th year of study in the Architectural Engineering Program at Penn State University. In May 2015, he will graduate with an Integrated Bachelor/Master of Architectural Engineering degree, with a focus in structural systems. He has also achieved proficiency within the minors of Architectural Studies and International Studies. In Fall 2013, Nick successfully passed the FE exam and will gain EIT status upon graduation. His future ambitions involve continuing his career as a structural engineer in pursuit of a PE license.


Over the past several summers, Nick has spent his time working and traveling. His jobs have included working as a wedding caterer and working in an engineering firm for two summers. At Pennoni Associates, Inc. he was able to gain practical design experience in analyzing existing framing, designing new framing, and performing site visits. The past two summers of work experience has proved quite useful in the remainder of his studies.

After his 2nd year Nick had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy and study at the prestigious Pantheon Institute where he earned credits in Architectural Studies, Cartography, Structural Analysis, and Studio to work towards his BAE/MAE degree.  He also had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Kenya for 5 weeks after 4th year to do missions work with college students at the University of Nairobi. Both trips have contributed to a valuable, cultured perspective on life.


Nick successfully completed his senior thesis project on 8621 Georgia Avenue. This project involved a structural redesign of the originally designed post-tensioned concrete slab system to a composite steel system. Effects of this redesign were then considered to redesign the foundation and lateral system. After graduation he will be moving to Ambler, PA where he will begin working for Mulhern & Kulp Structural Engineers.



Contact Nick: nick.dastalfo@gmail.com