8621 Georgia Avenue


Silver Spring, Maryland



Nick Dastalfo

Structural Option

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Boothby

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Technical Reports:


Tech Report 1: Existing Conditions

Technical Report 1 includes a description of the existing conditions of the site and structure of 8621 Georgia Avenue. This includes a detailed structural overview of the foundation system, roof system, floor system, and lateral resisting system. The loading condions and design codes needed for the design of building were also investigated.


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Tech Report 2:Load Determination

Technical Report 2 uses the building codes and specifications found in Technical Report 1 and uses them to determine the loads on the building. Gravity, Snow, Wind, and Seismic loads are all calculated within the report.


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Tech Report 3:Gravity Load Spot Checks & Alternate System Designs

Technical Report 3 evaluates the existing gravity system of 8621 Georgia Avenue. A typical floor bay and columns are analyzed using the loads determined in Technical Report 2. This report also includes three designs of alternate floor systems. All four of these systems are then compared against each other, with additional commentary comparing the two concrete and two steel systems.


Technical Report 3 also includes a powerpoint presentation summarizing the findings of the analysis and designs.


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Tech Report 4: Lateral System Analysis Study

Technical Report 4 includes an evaluation of the existing lateral system of 8621 Georgia Avenue. The lateral force resisting elements were modelled utilizing ETABS and loaded with the wind and seismic forces previously determined in Technical Report 2. Drift, story drift, and member forces were extracted from the model and compared to the allowable limits. Overturning and possible impacts on the foundations were also investigated.