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Equipment Inventory

The following is a general list of the instruments and equipmant available to the researchers in the Kappe Labs:

UV Spectrophotometers (2): Shimadzu UV 1601 with multiport adapter and computer interface; Perkin Elmer

Atomic Force Microscope: Digital Instruments

Laminar Flow Hood for Sterile Microbiological Work: Fisher Scientific Biosafety Class II with vertical flow

Millipore Academic-Q Ultrapure Water System with RO

Coy Anaerobic Chamber with oxygen/nitrogen detector

Centrifuges: Eppendorf 5403 benchtop refrigerated centrifuge with various rotors for medium to small sample volume, Eppendorf 5415 microcentrifuge for small (1.5 ml) samples

Gas Chromatographs (2): both Varian model 3400 with autosamplers; one with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) and flame ionization detector (FID), one with FID and electron capture detector

Ion Chromatograph (4): Dionex DX-100, DX-500; SRI 310, 8610

Carbon Analyzers (2): Shimadzu TOC 5000A; Dohrmann TOC analyzer

Spectrophotometer: Shimadzu UV-210A

Particle Counters (2): Coulter Counter Multisizer 2 (resistance-type) with computer interface; Galai CIS-100 laser particle counter with computer interface systems

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer: Perkin-Elmer Model 3030B with flame and graphite furnace

Pore Size Distribution and Surface-Area Analyzer

Toxicity Analyzer: Microtox Model 2055

Toxicity Analyzer: Microbics Model 500

Supercritical Fluid Extractor: Isco SFX 2-10

Surface Area/Pore Structure Analyzers (3): Micromeritics Models 2000 & 2010

Accelerated Rate Calorimeter: Columbia Scientific Model ARC 2000

Computer-Aided Titrimeter (2)

Thermogravimetric Analyzer System: Cahn Model TG-131 with 100 gm capacity attached to SRI Model 110 GC

Spex Mixer/Mill: Model 8000

Gas Chromatograph: H-P Model 5890

Ozone Concentration % Meter: Dasibil Model 1008-HC

Applied Test Systems 3 Zone Furnace with Controllers

Blue M Furnaces (3) with Controllers

Laser Zee Zeta Meter

Streaming-Current Detector

Scintillation Counter (LKB)

Biological Oxidizer: R.J. Harvey Instrument Co. OX500

Microscopes: Zeiss Axiophot microscope with image analysis and photometric detection; Olympus BH-2 with image analysis and epifluorescence capabilities

Walk-In Environmental Chambers (2)

Refrigerated Centrifuge: Sorvall Instruments Model RC5C

Rotavapor: Buchi R-114

Harris Ultra Freezer

Fermentors (2): both capable of operating in batch or chemostat mode, one (Virtis Corp.) with mixing and temperature control, one (Applicon) with mixing and temperature control and with dissolved oxygen measurement

Fluorimeter: St Johns Associates for cuvette of flow through cells



Laboratory Shakers

Filtration Boxes

Ultrafiltration Cells (6): Amicon Corp. with 120-ml capacity and 6-port pressure manifold


Phipps and Bird Stirrers

Gilson Fraction Collector

Balances: Mettler PB153, AG104, Ohaus Precision Plus

High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph: Water M-501 with UV and refractive index detectors

Anaerobic and Aerobic Respirometer Systems

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