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Welcome to the Glacier Bay Tidal Modeling Page.  These pages summarize recent efforts to model the oceanographic circulations within Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.  The work described herein has been conducted by researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.  The Principal Investigator for this project is Dr. David Hill

This project began as an informal collaboration between Dr. Hill and Dr. Lisa Etherington, then a biologist with the United States Geological Survey Glacier Bay Field Station.  Since that time, the project has been carried out with funding provided by the National Park Service.

These pages are organized as follows:
  • Reports - here the viewer will find brief and extended technical reports describing the modeling efforts and results.  Additionally, related student theses carried out underneath the umbrella of this project are presented.
  • Media - illustrative and informative figures and animations are presented here.
  • Data - foundational data (bathymetry, coastline, climate, etc.) are presented in this section, along with data files from various computational simulations.
  • Software - the vast majority of this project was carried out using open source software and utilities.  When possible, the software is provided directly; otherwise external links to the sources are given.
  • Links - Finally, this page provides a useful, but by no means complete, list of links related to Glacier Bay.
Thank you for visiting.  All questions, comments, and suggestions should be directed to Dr. David Hill at dfh4 at psu dot edu.  A CD of these pages is available upon request.