College of Engineering Approved Data Storage

The College of Engineering has recommended/approved the following storage locations for institutional data (depending on the data classification level). 

  1. OneDrive is the University's preferred document storage method for both internal and external audiences, with built-in protection from ransomware and ransomware-like attacks. The official Authority To Operate (ATO) process must be used when storing Level 3 and Level 4 data on OneDrive. New security features are forthcoming, which will make OneDrive the best place to store high-risk information (Level 3 and Level 4). The OneDrive platform also includes Teams, which is a convenient way to organize data for appropriate audiences. To learn more about file storage through OneDrive and Office 365 visit the Office 365: Sharing and Collaborating Learning Path.
  2. The College of Engineering still provides Penn State AD95-compliant file server storage for all data levels when contractual or speed constraints prevent the use of OneDrive or Teams.  Please work through your departmental IT when such storage is required. Any request for new College of Engineering network storage must be reviewed and approved by Engineering IT to ensure there is a valid requirement for the storage to be local.
  3. Google Drive is a tool for collaborative work with individuals outside of Penn State. It is part of the recently added G Suite for Education available to you at no cost. It is approved for storing Level 1 and Level 2 data only. Learn how to access your Penn State G Suite account and find tips to use it in the G Suite Learning Path.

To understand the different data classification levels and permissible data storage locations, please see the Information Classification Tool and Permitted Storage on the Office of Information Security (OIS) website. Remember, all Level 3 and Level 4 data must have an Authority To Operate (ATO) per Penn State Policy AD95.

--  Approved storage solutions are released in coordination with University guidelines issued Nov. 23, 2020.



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