Student Software Availability

Software Availability

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is available to all Penn State students. You can learn more about Office 365 through Penn State Information Technology.

Software at Penn State

Penn State offers students with a variety of software at reduced cost or at no additional cost, including the current version of Windows Upgrade. Please note that in order to download the Windows Upgrade, you must have an existing operating system already installed on your machine.

More information is available via Software at Penn State.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The College of Engineering participates in the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program. This program provides currently enrolled College of Engineering Students at the University Park campus no-charge access to the current Microsoft operating systems as well as development products like Visual Studio.

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Anti-Virus Protection

The College of Engineering and the University strongly recommend including anti-virus software on your machine.

For more information about anti-virus software options, visit Penn State Information Security.

Other software applications may be required during a student's undergraduate degree program and will be specific to a major or course. Such software requirements will be conveyed to students by faculty as needed. In addition, each department in the College of Engineering has computer facilities and software packages for high-end engineering applications that are needed by its students for academic assignments. 



The Engineering IT group provides all aspects of technological support and services to students, faculty and staff in the College of Engineering at Penn State.

Engineering IT

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