About Us

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY is taking the U.S. building industry by storm. And for good reason. It is generating better buildings. Sustainable—or green—buildings use less energy, require fewer resources, generate less waste, and provide better, more productive environments than regular buildings. These HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS emphasize the long term performance of the facility.

The trouble is these buildings are challenging to design and construct using conventional project delivery. Systems are more complex, and need to be integrated with other building elements. Construction is done with sometimes unusual materials, and to different standards. Despite this, many projects are completed in much the approach as regular buildings. There have been very few changes or innovations in the PROJECT PROCESSES used to deliver these facilities. This often results in extra project cost. It also squanders many opportunities for better levels of sustainability.

LEAN AND GREEN weaves the waste eliminating principles of lean production into the project processes of green
projects to create HIGH PERFORMANCE PROCESSES. With this new innovation, green projects can be designed
and constructed with greater efficiency and performance. When teams get the delivery process right, process efficiency
is enhanced and levels of sustainability increase.

The LEAN AND GREEN RESEARCH INITIATIVE focuses on the process issues of high performance building delivery; answering "how" and "who" questions on these projects.

Our research uses scientific method to first understand the process issues facing high performance delivery systems, and then to test strategies to strip process waste and streamline the provision of high-value buildings.

Toyota Motor Company inspired our initiative with their approach to customer-centered continuous improvement. Innovations to production processes rather than design advances enabled Toyota to dramatically enhance production reliability, and in turn, greatly increase vehicle performance and value.

Through our initiative, dramatic improvements in building sustainability (value) AND delivery cost are being achieved through efficient and functional delivery processes.