Robert M. Leicht, Ph.D.
Director, Lean & Green Research Initiative
Assistant Professor of Architectural

Graduate students
SL381443.JPG Gretchen A. Macht
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering
Research Title: Human Based Metric Assignment
of High-Performance Design Teams
bryan.jpg Bryan Franz
Ph.D., Construction
Research Title: Framework for Integration of Team Development
for Improving Project Success
jiang.jpg Li Jiang
Ph.D. Construction
Research Title: BIM Constructibility Framework for
Structural Design and Construction

Jared Zoller
M.S. Construction
Research Title:


Tabitha Tabitha Sprau Coulter
Ph.D., Construction
Research Title: Heuristic Approach to Improving
Energy Benchmarking in Green Retrofits
Fuju Wu Fuju Wu
PhD Construction

Pelin Gultekin

Ph.D, Construction
Research Title: High Performance Green Retrofit
Decision Support

Hector Velez

Hector Velez
M.S. Construction
Research Title:

Recently graduated students

Fatma Idil Akcetin, M.S.
Grad. Dec 2012
Research Title: Correlating Company Green Project
Revenues to Corporate Safety Performance


Andreas Phelps
Ph.D., Construction
Research Title: Lean Information Flow in Complex Healthcare Projects

Elena Enache-Pommer
Ph.D., Construction
Research Title: Lean and Green Healthcare Facilities: Improving the Delivery Process in Children's Hospitals
Tabitha Sprau
M.S., Construction
Research Title: In-Process Metrics for Sustainable Project Delivery


Jeff Diemer
M.S., Construction
Research Title: Mapping the Green Product Selection Process

Kaitin Vacca
M.S., Construction
Research Title: An Evaluation of Sustainable Education Assessment Tool Within Engineering Education

Ashley Wisse
M.S., Construction
Research Title: Advanced Organizational Changes With Process Mapping

Claudia Torres, M.S.
Grad. Aug. 08, State College, PA
Research Title: A Hybrid Prefabricated/Site-Based Strategy for Low-Income Communities

Vivien Luo, Ph.D.
Grad. May 08, Assist. Prof., Fresno State, Fresno, CA
Research Title: Decision Support for Prefabrication Strategy Selection on Building Systems

Pete Dahl
Pete Dahl, Ph.D.
Grad. May 08, Sustainability Specialist, Sebesta Blomberg, Minneapolis, MN
Research Title: Managing End-User Feedback in Sustainable Project Delivery
Leidy Klotz

Leidy Klotz, Ph.D.
Grad. May 08, Assist. Prof., Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Research Title: Process Transparency for Sustainable Building Delivery

Sinem Korkmaz
Sinem Korkmaz, Ph.D.
Grad. Dec. 07, Assist. Prof., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Research Title: Piloting Evaluation Metrics for High Performance Green Building Project Delivery

Nevienne Harding, M.S.
Grad. Dec. 05, Project Engineer, Southland Industries, Baltimore, MD
Research Title: High Performance Green Building Factors: Understanding the Pre-Design Phase

Chris Magent, Ph.D.
Grad. Dec. 05, Director of Business Development, Alexander Construction, State College, PA
Research Title: High Performance Design Processes for High Performance Buildings
Anthony Lapinski, M.S.
Grad. May 05, Project Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, Torrance, CA
Research Title: Mapping the Toyota Delivery Process for High Performance Green Buildings
Michael Pulaski, Ph.D.
Grad. May 05, Green Consultant, Fore-Solutions, Portland, ME
Research Title: Alignment of Sustainability and Constructability: The Continuous Value Enhancement Process