Research Program

High performance buildings as those with energy, economic, and environmental performance that is SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER than standard practice. They pay particular attention to ENERGY EFFICIENCY and INDOOR AIR QUALITY. The Lean and Green Research Program focuses on high performance capital facilities such as office buildings, educational facilities, and healthcare facilities.

Goal and objectives

Define the PROCESSES and COMPETENCIES for delivering high performance capital facilities.

Methodology and process

We apply value-adding and waste-reducing strategies throughout the life cycle of planning, managing, design, construction, and operation of capital facilities. The figure below describes our various research focus areas throughout the delivery life cycle. Our work extends the Integrated Building Process Model, adopting a process emphasis to meet our research goal and objectives. A common research methodology is followed through each of our research focus areas.

  1. Process Identification: Processes are diagnosed through exploratory research
  2. Process Mapping: Through case study analysis and applying lean theory, these processes are mapped in detail
  3. Process Validation: High Performance Process Models are evaluated for reductions in first and/or life cycle cost, potential to improve facility performance esp., in energy use and IAQ, and reduction of process waste
  4. Process Guidelines—Dissemination of Results: Research results are formulated into guidelines that contribute to the evolving understanding of high performance project delivery. Most are directed to owners


The most significant research focus areas we are pursuing are summarized. Further details can be obtained by e-mailing the graduate researcher directly, reviewing our publications (esp., J. Green Bldg), or contacting the Director. Our latest Program Brochure can also be downloaded.


Focus areas