Having now completed the yearlong AE Senior Thesis Program, we can look back and  realize how much our team has accomplished.  From our first Google SketchUp models to our final Revit and Navisworks model, our team has learned more about building information modeling, the integrated design process, and collaboration than we could have ever expected.  We can now use this invaluable knowledge as we all begin our careers.
            Throughout the year, our team learned a lot just from working with each other.  We each learned a bit about what it takes to design each others’ systems or what’s needed to design a construction sequence.  We saw how much time designing can take and dealt with several design problems as they arose.  Most importantly, we saw how important communication is in order to complete a project on time. 
            In completing this IPD/BIM Thesis, we all felt there was a major piece missing on our design team.  While the project was close to how a real project might work between engineering disciplines, there was never an architect to help guide the project along.  Without an architect present, it took the team a long time to come up with a vision for the project.  Also, in trying to make efficient engineering systems, we took liberties with the architectural plan that an architect may not have wanted or allowed.  Overall, without an architect, several design arguments were probably much shorter and easier to solve than if an architect was present.
            This year posed a lot of challenges to our team, but in the end, we were able to overcome those challenges and complete a successful project.  We succeeded in learning more about each others’ disciplines and learned how to successfully implement BIM in a real world design project.  We are now prepared to enter the work force knowing what it takes to be a member of a successful design team.

04.25.12 / CPEP Complete

04.25.12 / Reflection Posted

04.25.12 / Final Report

04.25.12 / Final Presentation

02.23.12 / Go-No-Go Presentation

02.01.12 / Revised Proposal Posted

01.27.12 / Initial Proposal Posted

12.19.11 / Proposal Presentation

11.10.11 / Des. & Dev. Presentation

11.02.11 / New CPEP Site Launched

10.21.11 / Buffalo Trip

10.09.11 / Schematic Presentation

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09.01.11 / CPEP Site Launched

As part of requirements for Penn State Architectural Engineering, Lights-Out Design has participated in a personal reflection of the AE program in relation to ABET standards for academic certification. Click on the image to the right to view our assessment. We have all agreed on the selected outcomes in the following survey: