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Thesis Proposal (revised)

The following proposal is an outline that will guide my research for the spring of 2010.  It identifies my 4 major areas of construction management analysis and provides research steps that will be taken to complete each analysis.

The first analysis is sustainability in healthcare projects and will determine what aspects of sustainability and LEED design are most important to Virtua Health in a healthcare building.  Then using the information obtained from the owner I will determine the current LEED points the building is achieving and evaluate where points can be earned that meet the owners values.

The second analysis is the redesign of patient room lighting.  Currently the patient rooms are design using fluorescent lighting but with owners continuously looking for energy saving ideas I will determine if using LED lighting is more efficient and cost effective then the fluorescent lighting in place.  Also I will research the effect of lighting on patient’s recovery and overall health and determine if the switch from LED to fluorescent lighting will have a positive or negative effect on patients.

The third analysis involves creating a short interval production schedule for the rough-in and fit-out of the bed tower and comparing it to the current schedule in place.

Mechanical Breadth – Analysis 2: Patient Room Lighting

This analysis will include a mechanical breadth analysis.  The breadth analysis will be determining the current HVAC loads in the patient room before and after the lighting change to see if there could be a reduction in equipment or duct size resulting in a cost reduction.

Lighting/Electrical Breadth – Analysis 2: Patient Room Lighting

This analysis will include a lighting breadth analysis.  The breadth analysis will be the redesign of a patient room from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.



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