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Construction Management
Loyola Intercollegiate Athletic Complex
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Updated Thesis Proposal (1.15.10)

My thesis proposal was updated for the spring semester's work. The proposal establishes issues related to the construction industry and Loyola Intercollegiate Athletic Complex. The following ideas are what I intend to study this semester:

Analysis 1: LEED Rating Goal for the Project

This analysis will look at the costs associated with LEED and the LEED process. It will also look at the costs associated with adding LEED halfway through a project and if it is worth adding LEED to a project that is halfway done.

Analysis 2: Prefabricated Facade System

This analysis will focus on changing the ground faced CMU with a prefabricated facade system. When I change out the facade system it allows me to research my mechanical and structural breadths as stated below.

Analysis 3: BIM Implementation

This analysis looks at the implementation of a BIM execution plan along with the costs associated with it. It also uses a 4D model to visually see schedule impacts of the above analysis.

Breadth Topics:

Structural Breadth:

This breadth study looks at the added loads of a prefabricated wall system and compares them to the current structural system to determine if the current structural system can handle it. Any additional supports that are determined to be required will be designed and evaluated for cost and schedule impacts.

Mechanical Breadth:

This analysis is going to analyze the wall system that achieves the best thermal properties for the building by looking at different types of prefabricated wall systems. New loads will be calculated to determine if the mechanical equipment can be resized and evaluated for cost and schedule impacts.


Thesis Proposal (12.11.09)

After completing my technical assignments and recieving feedback from professors and industry members, I have compiled research topics that interest me and can be applied to the Loyola Intercollegiate Athletic Complex. I am proposing three ideas to research in the Spring. They are LEED rating for the project, Prefabricated Facade System, and BIM implementation. Within the prefabricated facade system analysis is two breadth studies. They include a mechanical and a structural breadth. The mechanical breadth deals with the thermal properties of the new facade and the resizing of the mechanical equipment. The structural breadth compares the current design loading to the design loading with the prefabricated facade.

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