Julia Broskey Mechanical Option

Julia Broskey
Mechanical Option
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Reading, Pennsylvania
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Executive Summary:

This proposal is to outline work for Spring 2012 semester in compliance with the A E department's thesis
requirements. Outlined below is the depth work, tools for analysis, and the two breadth topics.

The mechanical depth work will include the design of a ground source heat pump and its impact on the sizes of
the RTU's. The tools used for this analysis will included Trane Trace, or equivalent program, RS Means, a scheduling
software and for the electrical redesign NEC 2009.

There are two breadth topics to be considered as well. The two breadth topics are a construction management breadth and an electrical breadth. The construction management breadth will included a cost analysis of all work redesigned and the impact on the schedule for construction. These numbers will be reported as just the cost for the redesign and not the full building and the schedule will be represented as the amount of days
difference. The electrical breadth will consist of designing the electrical component for the proposed mechanical redesign and a redesign of equipment affected by the redesign.
Included with this proposal is a work plan devised to anticipate work complete throughout the semester. This
includes milestones for both breadths and the mechanical depth work. This proposal and work plan are subject
to revision upon return to classes in January.


9 December 2011

Breadth One: Construction Management Breadth

This breadth will include a budget and schedule study of the ground source heat pump. This cost is more of a budget analysis that will be represented as a difference in budget of the current HVAC system and the ground source heat pump. The items to be included in the analysis will be the systems components and installation

Breadth Two: Electrical Design

This analysis will consist of designing the electrical system for the ground source heat pump and any other equipment affected by its implementation.



11 January 2012