Julia Broskey
Mechanical Option
Berks Classroom/Lab Building
Reading, Pennsylvania
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This report was used to analyze the compliance of The Berks Classroom and Lab Building with ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 90.1.
ASHRAE Standard 62.1 focuses on indoor air quality for buildings; the analysis for the standard was done only on the three roof top units. After analyzing the building it was found that the building is compliant with this standard.
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 sets an energy standard for buildings except low-rise residential buildings. The building is almost completely compliant with this standard the two anomalies being the glazing and the slab on grade.

This report contains a design load estimation and annual energy consumption and operating costs for the Berks Classroom and Lab Building. The numbers in this report are just estimates and not actual cost which I was unable to obtain.
This report provides a clear, concise summary of Berks Classroom and Lab Building's mechanical systems. This includes design requirements, external influences on design, major hardware components, system configuration, and operation characteristics.