Leland Curtis

L/E Option

Hotel Felix

111 West Huron St. Chicago

Thesis Proposal

              My lighting depth will focus on the re-design of the façade, lobby, bar, conference room and restaurant lighting systems. The designs will enhance the character and atmosphere of the Hotel Felix while providing the appropriate illuminance levels. In order to create the image and environment desired by the Hotels owners, the lighting design must enhance the strong architectural components of the Hotel while maintaining a luxurious and sustainable facility. To do this the lighting should engage the city, the patron, and the materials of the building. A dynamic and interactive lighting design can capture the energy and diversity present in the many individuals who visit the hotel every day. By doing something a little more risky with its lighting, the Hotel Felix presents an image of a trendy hotel on the cutting edge of architectural expression while creating an enriching environment for its guests. This will set it apart from competing hotels in the area and enhance the experience of its guests.

Lighting Depth

I will redesign the lighting of the entire first floor restaurant for my Honors supplemental study. This space is very challenging because it is out of the scope of the Hotel Felix renovation and there are no existing documents to describe any of the mechanical, electrical or architectural systems. It is essentially a blank room with an electrical service entrance. I will incorporate my architectural, mechanical and electrical depths into this space in order to completely redesign it. This will tie together my architecture design studio work with my multidisciplinary AE education.

The MAE supplemental study will use methods learned in AE 561, Color Science, to evaluate the appropriateness of using both colored and white light in a restaurant setting that requires very high color rendering. I will sum the radiant power of two different light sources, most likely incandescent and LED, and calculate the CRI of the corresponding mixed light source. This study will compare various colors and intensities to determine the appropriate amount of colored light that can trespass into dining areas.  

M.A.E / Honors Supplemental Study

My architectural depth will focus on redesigning the first floor restaurant. There are no pictures or plans of the current design because it was completed under a separate renovation contract. My new design will be completely independent of what currently exists. The architecture of the restaurant will be inspired by my lighting design concepts for the other spaces and will complement the architecture of the lobby and the façade. The final product will be a functional restaurant that captures the essence of the luxurious, sustainable and engaging Hotel Felix.

I will redesign the mechanical system in the restaurant to complement the architectural breadth proposal. It will be fed from the existing mechanical equipment and must provide adequate heating, cooling and ventilation for both dining and kitchen areas. Diffuser locations will be incorporated into the architectural design.

Architectural and Mechanical Breadth Topics

The Electrical depth will include new branch circuit wiring for all new lighting designs, a short circuit calculation, an inverter vs. generator study and a new electrical distribution system for the redesigned restaurant.

Electrical Depth

Thesis Proposal

Revised Thesis Proposal