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Course Reflection:

The work over the past two semesters for AE Senior Thesis has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. I have gained valuable knowledge about the design and construction processes. The ability to review and examine construction documents and perform the necessary investigations into the building and its current systems should provide benficial to me in my future line of work. Using the new knowledge gained of redesigning a system will also help in the future. It has increased my ability to solve the problems of buildings with creative solutions.

The course still had certain deadlines throughout the year, but it also allowed me to create my own work schedule and my own deadlines. Managing my own schedule through the final semester has enabled me to better my time management and see how these schedules can change and flow. I believe that my education had successfully prepared me to work independently on a large building with complex systems for my senior thesis and that it should continue to prove successful in the future.

CPEP Reflection:

The creation of this website to publicly display my work done throughout the senior thesis is beneficial in not only the skill of web design and creativity, but it also provides an easy eay to share the work that has been completed with others. The use of previous websites created proved beneficial as a tool to learn what other students had done in the past. It is my hope that this website can help future AE thesis students with their work. The discussion board had not been utilized greatly this past semester. I found it easier to get information directly from my advisor or other Architectural Engineering faculty.







Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work-in-progress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are solely the interpretation of Zachary Polovchik. Changes and discrepencies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design.

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