Cadell G. Calkins

Structural Option

Technical Reports


Technical Report 1

Technical Report 1 examines the existing structural system of Building A with a focus on loads and where they originate.  The report includes a check on the dead, live, and snow loads acting on the structure as well as the soil, seismic, wind loads acting laterally on the strucure.  Some gravity members were then checked to determine if the member was adequately sized.


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Technical Report 2

Technical Report 2 examines the existing floor system in comparison with 3 new floor systems to determine which ones are viable design options.  Because the Dormitory has 4 original floor systems in different areas, each floor system was compared at each location to determine the efficiency of using each system in different areas.


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Technical Report 3

Technical Report 3 examines the adequacy of the lateral force resisting system of the building.  For Dormitory, GWB and OSB based shear walls were examined and checked for shear strength and deflection.  In addition, the flexible wood diaphragm was examined and the CMU shear walls were checked for strength.  Lastly, a computer model was developed to compare the results of the hand calculations for the GWB shear wall to a computer calculation.


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User Note

While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work‐in progress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are solely the interpretation of Cadell Calkins. Changes and discrepancies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design.

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