Course Reflection

The senior thesis course provided an intense, well-rounded educational experience. The biggest change for this course in comparison to a majority of previous courses was the idea of working individually on a large-scale project. Having several individual due dates was a great way of keeping on schedule. Likewise, the progression of the course structure from a strict schedule to that of only one ultimate due date provided me to take ownership of my project. Such a small change required me to take more responsibility and set several short-term attainable goals in order to reach the final objective, a comprehensive thesis report.


As far as the technical benefits, this course allowed me to utilize engineering concepts and techniques that I have learned over the past five years to formulate and evaluate theories. It is my belief that this experience has positively impacted my ability to thoroughly analyze the technical aspects of a design and to propose feasible solutions.

Overall, this course, though time-consuming and research-intensive, provided students with a thorough understanding of how the industry operates from start to finish. Most importantly, it allowed students to begin networking and building key relationships within the industry.

The CPEP is a great way to share the information obtained during thesis research. I think that it is important to share this information for many reasons. It was useful when getting information to professors, industry and potential employers. It was also a valuable for organizing information.

CPEP Reflection

The discussion board is a great resource for getting knowledge from experts in our field. I did not use the board but once and only got one response from it. It happened to be someone that I was already in contact with. This is not the case for most people. I have heard and seen that a great number of students getting reponses very quickly to their questions and gained alot of knowledge from the discussion board.