Technical Assignment 1

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In the First Technical Assignment, the report breakdown will emphasize only the construction of the Biological Research Laboratory. A project schedule, building systems summary, project cost evaluation, existing conditions and site plan will be analyzed in this technical report on the ABSL-3 lab. The technical report also contains key information on the owner and the needs for building this type of facility. Torcon Inc., the chosen construction manager of the project, will also be described in the report, as well as a staffing plan introducing the project team. A brief narrative on the project delivery method is also included, showing the different parties involved with the project.

Technical Assignment 2


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In the Second Technical Assignment, a detailed project schedule for the project is laid out to show sequencing of trades by floor in the construction of the Biological Research laboratory. A detailed estimate of the structural system is provided, including both the foundations and superstructure for the BRL facility. An evaluation of LEED was implemented on the BRL facility, by assessing the 2002 scorecard value of silver and readjusting for a 2009 rating of LEED certified. The last piece discussed in the technical assignment are BIM uses on the BRL project, by examining and discussing the implemented processes and proposing other uses if viable.

Technical Assignment 3


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In the Third Technical Assignment concepts such as actual and anticipated constructability issues along with schedule acceleration scenarios can be viewed in the report.  Value Engineering topics are also discussed where changes benefited the users.  A meeting with industry professionals sparked innovative ideas that have been incorporated in the assignment.  Concluding the report is a series of analysis methods focusing primarily on problem areas and places of improvement throughout the construction project