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Michael A. Tellep
Mechanical Option


Throughout the past academic year, the work I have done on this thesis has encapsulated all of the knowledge I gained here at Penn State. I found the work to be difficult to manage at times with my other scheduled events, but I saw this as a challenge and as a preview to what life can be like ahead of me. This thesis provided a way for me to use the knowledge I gained not only in an academic sense, but also in a realistic sense. Most classes provide a "practical" application aspect, however it comes in the form of a lab or a take home assignment. I am glad to have had the experience of a real practical application of my knowledge such as this. I feel that, although we recieved considerable guidance, it is an excellent personal and academic assessment of my individual skills and competancy as an engineer.

Along with the project, using this CPEP website as an organizational tool was very useful. It allowed me to post my documents as well as comunicate with my professors regarding the progress of the project.

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