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Lighting Depth

My proposed lighting designs will focus on the re-designs of the façade,
auditorium, Intermediate Schol Cafeteria, and the High School Art Room.

It was the original design intent of the architect to combine the two
individual programs (Intermediate and High school) and the students
contained within these two programs. As such, it is a main goal
of my lighting design to connect the people + programs within this
building. Such a goal is achieved by my choice of spaces, which are the
spaces the architect designed specifically to be connecting points
of the two programs

Second, as this building is part of a redevelopment of the hunters point
area of Queens, it is a goal to connect the building + community.
This can be achieved by two things: designing the façade such that
neighborhood residents can freely and safely navigate the base of the
building, and allowing the diverse culture of NY influence my design.

It is the last overall goal of my lighting design to connect lighting +
. Any good lighting design is reflective of the architecture
of the space. My designs aim to consider not only the physical
architecture, but also the main usage, and occupant makeup of
each space.

M.A.E Study

An MAE daylighting study will be performed in the HS Art Room
to determine the feasibility of adding daylighting controls into
the space. Large portions of the walls in this space are covered
with glazing, and as such, there is an opportunity for significant
cost savings.

Mechanical Breadth

Branching from the MAE study, an analysis of the load introduced into the mechanical system of the HS Art Room as a result of the daylighting will be conducted. Multiple glazing materials will be studied to see how each affects the load on the mechanical system. The overall goal of this study is to determine if the energy savings from daylighting offsets the cost of the additional load. *See document for information regarding deliverable*

Structural Breadth

The MAE breadth will produce a yearly daylighting analysis for the HS Art Room, while breadth 1 will analyze the impact of this daylighting on the mechanical system. The structural breadth is dedicated to analyzing the impact of the skylights (introduced in the MAE daylighting study) on the structural system of the building. The goal of this breadth is to show whether or not the steel beams need to be upsized to account for the additional load introduced via the skylighting system from the MAE daylighting study.



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