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Overall, the AE senior thesis project is not only challenging, but also very demanding. I have learned how to better manage my time, but because much of the thesis work is done independently, I have become a better self-motivator. From creating work schedules, and setting goals for myself, thesis has given me the opportunity to develop strategies for working on my own and effectively organizing and completing the task at hand.

The AE senior thesis project is great experience when considering the potential it has to learn and explore new topics not presented in the classroom. With that being said, the minimum thesis requirements, especially those for the lighting students, put a strict hold on our ability to truly branch out and learn new things. Having minimum requirements is a good implementation for students who may be looking to just slide by, but it puts a damper on the ability of those students who truly want to branch into multiple disciplines.



I am grateful to have had the opportunity to view the past work and designs of previous AE students, which was provided by the Capstone Project e-Portfolio website. It is an effective tool to see past work of some of the best AE students to have passed through the program. Their work is both inspiring and impressive. Additionally, designing my own website was a unique design challenge that I may have not had the opportunity to experience without creating a CPEP website. I was able to learn a new program that I may use at some point in the future.


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