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Architectural Engineering Thesis Proposal:

This proposal details the work to be completed in the spring of 2013. It presents a description of the redesign of several systems present in the Houston Museum of American Art. Included are explanations of two depth and two breadth topics. This document does not conclude that there are actual problems with the existing systems, it is just meant to provide an alternate approach. The lighting depth presents new design concepts in four proposed spaces: exterior façade, lobby, theater and 8th floor gallery. The new design aims to create an aesthetically complementing, and engaging atmosphere that is tailored to specific activities going on in the spaces. The space should also be functional, with light levels that meet those specified in the IESNA handbook. All power density requirements present in ASHRAE 90.1 should also be met. The electrical depth includes a redesign of the branch circuit distribution for the four spaces to be re-illuminated. A protective device coordination study and short circuit analysis will also be conducted. The selection of distribution equipment and protective devices for that section will be necessary.

Breadth 1 Proposal: Mechanical

An analysis of the CHP system will be conducted. The overall goal of this study is to determine if combined heat and power system is appopriate for this specific project, as well as the energy and cost savings resulted. The final deliverable for this study will be a compilation of prime movers, and their corresponding cost and performance characteristics. Analyzing these results, the prime mover with the maximum benefits will be selected for the CHP system.

Breadth 2 Proposal: Acoustics

A reverberation time and STC analysis for the 3rd floor theater will be completed for the acoustic breadth. The space is critical acoustically because of it is used for musical performances. The reverberation time in the space will be important to how the music will be heard and enjoyed. STC value is also critical to keep the sound isolated. After analyzing the values, it will be determined whether changes are necessary. New products will be select to design an optimized acoustical environment.

MAE Proposal: Daylighting

The MAE breadth will cover the daylighting analysis for 8th floor gallery. The breadth will largely depend on the knowledge and skills learned from AE 565- Daylighting taught by Dr. Mistrick. Different fenestration variations will be investigated for the existing skylight.  Potential changes will be developed and implemented to provide a different approach to the existing system.

Honors proposal: Social Concepts

The honors breadth aims to investigate the social concepts that can affect lighting design and in turn influence the human perception and interpretation of the space. Three concepts researched including the motivation of why people visit museums, how people self-congregate, and different scale of perception, focusing on the idea “life, space, buildings – in that order”.

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