The section is the thought and suggestions after AE Senior Thesis Project.

Senior Thesis Capstone Project:


(Added on 04/29/2013)


Dear ma’am and sir,

This reflection is written after Senior Banquet, the night of receiving 2nd place of Mechanical Thesis. I am thankful for a reward of AE (Architectural Engineering) HVAC thesis project. I also have realized that I have learned and earned much more than an award. All the relationships I have built in these 4 years in Penn State benefited me a lot.

I really thank everyone who came and was willing to come to my presentation and gave me a support. Working in studio days and nights and consulting professors helped me to understand much more and deeper of HVAC applications. Next, because of working in Senior Studio, I also offered helps to other students, which gave me a lot of interesting perspectives and stories from others, such as the foundation problem related to ground coupled heat pumps and the difference between the HVAC systems located in State College and California.  After thinking through everything in this final year, this year is my greatest happiness in AE program.

This year offers me the real world experience and the especially valuable chance that I had fully freedom and control of my HVAC redesign. This redesigning opportunity probably will be the only one I would have in the future. I appreciate the AE department for this chance very much.

Thank you.


Cheuk Tsang



CPEP gave me an out-of-class experience, which is to create my own website. It is interesting to learn about Adobe Dreamweaver. But, the html code is more preferred. Learning the html code is much more useful for the future, because it can be done in simple software, such as notepad, and be used to create simple and/or advanced websites.


ABET Outcome Survey




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