Technical Reports


The reports are to provide information of mechanical systems in American Art Museum and generate ideas for the AE 482 project.


Technical 1 Report

ASHRAE Standard 62.1 - 2007 & Standard 90.1 - 2007 Analysis


Original: Sep 16th, 2012
Revised: Nov 18th, 2012


"... ... The purpose of this report is to analyze the American Art Museum corresponding to two main sections of ASHRAE Standard:


* 62.1-2007 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

* 90.1-2007 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Building.


These two sections offer a set of reference standards to providing occupant comfort and energy efficiency. This analysis will embrace the understanding of the design conditions in American Art Museum and identifying the potential criteria of further design... ..."


Technical 2 Report

Building and Plant Energy Analysis


Original: Oct 13th, 2012


"... ... The objective of this technical report is to conduct a building energy model of American Art Museum (AAM) and analyze in the following criteria:


* Design load calculation

* Annual energy consumption break down

  • * Operating cost of major HVAC components

  • * Air pollution produced by the regional power plant

The energy calculations in this report are applied using block load calculations and computer-based method. And, the software used in this report is Trace 700. ... ... "


Technical 3 Report

Mechanical Systems Existing Conditions Evaluation


Original: Nov 11th, 2012


"... ... This report can be divided into four parts of analysis.


  • * Design objectives with the design factors and influences

  • * A summary of ventilation rate and energy load

  • * Operation of the HVAC system

  • * Rate the mechanical system with LEED Rating System


In the end of the report, the HVAC system is evaluated in five criteria, such as the owner’s perspective, the relationship between advanced control system and maintainability and the potential problem of indoor air quality. ... ... "