Thank you


Thank you to everyone who helped me in this project.


Specially Thank you to...


+ American Art Museum

[Offering me this building project]

+ Turner Construction Company

[Offering a chance and a connection of having this buiding project]

+ Benjamin Gordon
(in Turner Construction Company)

[Provide information of American Art Museum]

+ AE Professors
(esp. Professor Treado, Boothby, Moses and Bowers)

[Helping to understand the HVAC application]

[Supporting me and coming to my presentation :) ]

+ System Administrator, Corey Wilkinson

[Providing technical support]

[Being a wonderful listener]

+ Senior Operator, Kurt D. Behers

[Printing support]

[Offer mental support]

+ Friends

Sarah Bednarcik

Sean Felton

Jonathon Gillas

Thaison Nguyen

Andrew Voorhes


Daniel Bodde

Jonathan Fisher

Mingao Li

Brice Ohl

[Helping me in my thesis project]

[Offer peer support]