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Welcome to Mike Mahoney's AE Senior Thesis E-Portfolio
Thesis Proposal






The Thesis Proposal was completed on 12/16/2012

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The Senior Thesis Proposal introduces the four areas of analysis which will be covered in the Final Report. Modular construction and prefabrication is the central theme of these analyses. These four topics were picked after talking with the project management team and the AE department construction advisors.






The Thesis Proposal was revised on 1/9/2013

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Breadth Summary

Structural Breadth

The structural breadth will be used in designing the concrete on metal deck flooring system that will be compared to the current flooring system. This breadth will require the information taught during the AE 404 course at Penn State. The design of the concrete floor will require finding the design loads from the IBC Code Book 2009. Once the design loads are found, the type of metal deck and thickness of concrete topping must be chosen. Finally, structural load calculations will tell if the flooring system meets the code. Once the flooring design is complete, the value engineering can be performed for the concrete floor.

Acoustic Breadth

The acoustic breadth will be used in determining the sound isolation of the wood joist and plywood sheathing flooring and concrete on metal deck flooring. This breadth will require the information taught during the AE 309 course at Penn State. This analysis requires finding the sound transmission class (STC) of each of the components of the flooring systems. The STC is created by finding the transmission loss at different frequencies. Impact noise will then be calculated for both systems. Once these two acoustical ratings are found, a full acoustical evaluation can be found and added into the value engineering analysis for the two flooring systems.



Updated Schedule 1/14/13

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