4/24/14 CPEP complete & ready for final review
4/17/14 Reflection Posted
4/10/14 Final Presentation Posted
4/08/14 Thesis Research Posted
4/07/14 Final Report & Executive Summary Posted
3/31/14 Presentation Outline Posted
1/16/14 Thesis Proposal Updated
12/12/13 Thesis Proposal Posted
11/20/13 Tech Report 4 & Presentation Posted
10/28/13 Tech Report 1 Updated
10/23/13 Building Statistics Part II Posted
10/18/13 Tech Report 3 & Presentation Posted
10/16/13 Thesis Abstract Updated
9/27/13 Tech Report 2 Posted
9/27/13 Thesis Abstract Posted
9/23/13 Tech Report 1 Posted
9/11/13 Student Bio Posted
9/11/13 Building Statistics Posted

CPEP Launched

7/10/13 Owner Permission Received






Course Reflection

AE 481W/482 was the perfect opportunity to research, apply, and summarize five years of PSU AE curriculum. Throughout both the fall and spring semesters I was constantly referencing textbooks and class notes from previous courses. Senior Thesis also provided an important life lesson in time management. I enjoyed both the structure of the fall semester and the freedom of the spring semester. By creating my own schedule in the spring semester I was able to honestly assess my individual progress and work to meet my own deadlines.

CPEP Reflection

Prior to completion of these courses I had only limited experience with creating and updating personal websites. I enjoyed the challenge of learning the Adobe Dreamweaver program fully and now feel accomplished for having created this site. The Capstone Project Electronic Portfolio (CPEP) was also a great tool for keeping all necessary documentation in one secure place. It was extremely beneficial to be able to access the website from any computer source.


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Important Note: These outcomes reflect a personal (student) assessment of the course, not the instructor's assessment.


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