Over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year, the Steel City High-Rise was analyzed in order to find areas in which the construction process,
various systems, and key components (such as budget and schedule) could be optimized in a way that would better the team, the owner, and the
construction industry. Research, discussions with various members of the team and the owner, and careful consideration for the budget and schedule
resulted in four analyses and two redesign proposals. This final report includes four analyses and two breadths. The analyses include a study of efficient
steel fabrication, uniform versus unique structural design, collocation's impact on construction, and a rework of the vertical MEP in the schedule, while
the breadths focus on the redesign of structural and mechanical components of the building. The purpose of this report was to demonstrate the
educational resources and lessons that were learned over the past five years in the Architectural Engineering program and are in no way intended to
demote the work of the project team or the owner of the Steel City High-Rise.


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