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The following report is an analysis and redesign of the mechanical system for the Morton Expansion Project located in Taunton, MA. An overview of the current system is included, as well as a proposed redesign. Two alternatives were considered. Alternative 1 replacing the current air-cooled chiller with a water cooled chiller and cooling tower, as well as implementing an air-to-air heat recovery system. Alternative 2 introduces variable refrigerant flow technology. These alternatives were evaluated on the basis of equipment first cost, eletric and natural gas consumption, and life cycle cost.

Two breadth studies were completed in conjunction with the mechanical system redesign. A structural breadth was completed to to ensure that a cooling tower could be supported by the current roof structure. An electrical breadth was also completed to analyze the benefits of implementing a photovoltaic array.


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Posted: April 8, 2015










Executive Summary

Posted: April 21, 2015




4.30.15 CPEP Completed
4.30.15 Final Presentation Posted
4.23.15 ABET Assessment Posted
4.8.15 Final Report Posted
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12.12.14 Mechanical Proposal
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10.21.14 Building Stats Part 2
10.20.14 Abstract posted to CPEP
10.6.14 Technical Report 2
9.29.14 Abstract Draft Due
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