Bucks County Justice Center

Doylestown, PA
Joshua Lange
Adviser: Dr. Richard Mistrick
Final Report      

Below are links to various portions of the final report that documents the redesign and analysis that was performed of the Bucks County Justice center for this thesis. For the lighting depth, the lighting was redesigned for four unique spaces. For the electrical depth any required changes from the lighting depth were made, a short circuit study was performed for a circuit that was representative of many circuits in the building, and a feasibility analysis of incorporating a DC distribution system was performed.

The two breadths were a combined heat and power CHP feasibility study and a reverberation time (RT) analysis for one of the rooms was performed. The MAE depth was an analysis on the influence of the sound reinforcement system on speech intelligibility in one of the spaces.

Below the reports are links to auralizations that were created as part of the MAE depth.



Unreinforced Front

Unreinforced Rear

Reinforced Front

Reinforced Rear