Group members left to right: Zhenxing Zhang, Dr. Reed, Joe Kasprzyk, Josh Kollat,  Yong Tang, Nga Nguyen.

Research Statement: Dr. Reed’s Hydroinformatics Research Group (HRG) is focusing on developing innovative management modeling approaches for environmental and water resources systems. The HRG is investigating how to effectively combine a wide range of knowledge sources with simulation, optimization, and information technologies to capture impacted systems’ governing processes, elucidate human and ecologic risks, limit management costs, and satisfy stakeholders’ (e.g., site owners, regulators, and public advocates) conflicting objectives.  The management modeling tools developed by the HRG combine multiobjective optimization, high performance computing, and advanced spatiotemporal visualization and uncertainty modeling techniques to facilitate improved stakeholder decisions.

Contact Information:

Dr. Patrick M. Reed, Assistant Professor

The Pennsylvania State University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
212 Sackett Building
University Park, PA 16802

(814) 863-2940 (phone)
(814) 863-7304 (fax)

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