Overview of Education Activities:

Since arriving at Penn State, Dr. Reed has taught: (1) CE 360 Fluid Mechanics and (2) CE 361 Engineering Hydrology.  CE 360 and CE 361 are junior-senior level courses, in which Dr. Reed uses student-directed learning within groups to reinforce lecture concepts on the mechanics of fluid flow and the role hydrologic processes in engineered systems. At the graduate level, Dr. Reed has taught CE 555 Groundwater Hydrology and developed a new course CE 563 Systems Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms. CE 555 provides students with experiences in developing analytical and numerical models of groundwater flow. CE 563 emphasizes methods for designing and implementing evolutionary algorithms for computationally intensive engineering and science problems.  Dr. Reed incorporates technology into the classroom for all of his courses using the ANGEL course management system to facilitate web publication of course materials, student discussion boards, and anonymous student feedback. 

 CE 360: Fluid Mechanics (Syllabus and Essay Portfolio)

 CE 361: Engineering Hydrology (Syllabus)

 CE 555: Groundwater Hydrology (Syllabus)

 CE 563: Systems Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms (Syllabus and Projects Portfolio)

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