Drawdown R-E-U. Penn State Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Program Overview

Penn State is partnering with Project Drawdown to explore and enhance “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” The Drawdown mission seeks to clarify a positive solutions-oriented path ahead for action on climate change. By working with researchers from across the world, the team has already identified 100 of the most substantive solutions to address climate change.

The Penn State Drawdown Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (Drawdown Scholars) supports the Drawdown mission by training students in:

  • transformational technical, ecological, and social solutions for climate mitigation;
  • climate communication;
  • environmental law and policy;
  • leadership and professional development;
  • team-based project development; and
  • global engagement.

Drawdown Scholars will work closely with Penn State faculty mentors and their respective graduate students to conduct laboratory, field, and/or modeling research to advance Drawdown strategies for reversing global warming in the following topic areas:

  • Electricity
  • Food, Agriculture, and Land Use
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Buildings
  • Land Sinks
  • Coastal and Ocean Sinks
  • Engineered Sinks
  • Health and Education
  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus

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Application Deadline: February 15, 2022.

Application Link: engr.psu.edu/drawdown/apply.aspx

This program is planned as an in-person research experience, but the format may shift to virtual or a hybrid depending on safety and health regulations pertaining to COVID-19. Updates will be made to this webpage. For more information about how Penn State is responding to COVID-19, please visit the University’s website.